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General (Kenobi)

AMaze Me is a game created as part of a project at the Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany. We are two master students of computer science and have developed this game as a continuation of our prototype. The aim of the prototype was to investigate how the outsourcing of control in VR games affects both players. This game is not finished, probably prone to many bugs and has a few features not fully or at all implemented.

Regarding VR and controllers

This game has been developed with a HTC Vive and controllers. We added the option for removing the controller-functionality (Play menu). The headlight, previously controlled with a controller, is now mounted to the head mounted display. You can use Riftcat and VRRidge to play this game via your smartphone.

How to play

After starting the game, one player plays on a pc using the keyboard and mouse whilst the other uses the VR headset. The player on the pc controls the player in VR by using the "w,a,s,d"-keys and "spacebar" to confirm his actions. Further he can use the mouse to control the view of the map, scroll in or zoom out and move it around. 


The main goal is to find out of the maze. You can leave it once you are at the door with a key. You can find the key by collecting treasure-barrels in the maze. Some barrels are marked on the map. You can change the possibility for marks in the play menu.


The source code is also available on Github: https://github.com/SebastianKuehl/AMazeMe

Install instructions

Download the zip into a convenient location on your pc. Unzip the file. To start the game double click the amazeme.exe. The options menu is a work in progress and not functional. We recommend you start with a 10x10 labyrinth!


AMazeMe.zip 90 MB

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